Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Create Marble Nails

I made a collage of all types of marble nail looks!
Hello, my lovelies! In addition to researching great DIY Spa Ideas, my youngest sister Ava learned how to create Marble Nails. Usually, I don't pay much attention to the latest nail trends, because I have the terrible habit of biting my nails, and I've never really been able to do much with my nails because of that. But Ava has long, gorgeous nails, and so I took pictures of her attempting Marble Nails, and made a photo tutorial for you so you can try it too! 

You will need: a small bowl, 2-3 nail polish colors, tape, and tissues/paper towels.

*** We only tried this with two nails/one at a time. The first nail is the one you see in the pictures. The second time didn't turn out so well, so we came to the conclusion you have to use fresh water/paint every time. Maybe you can dip multiple nails in at one time, but we're not sure. So let us know if you find out more!

Stay beautiful!

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