Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beauty Blogs and Mood Rings...

Right now? I'm green, but a little while ago I was teal...
Hello, my lovelies! I took an unexpected couple of days off to kind of just think and reconnect with myself. To be honest I've been feeling a little uninspired because I'm in one of those "viewer ruts," where you don't have as many readers as you usually do... But I'm going to continue writing anyway because I was just struck with inspiration. I stumbled across a blog written by another teenager in the UK named Isla. Her blog is called "The November Edition," and I absolutely adore it! After reading a few of her posts, I realized how much I love beauty blogging, and it's not worth stopping because I have slightly less viewers than normal. It's temporary, and my views will lift right back up soon enough.

For some odd reason, this whole thing reminded me of mood rings. So I checked out a color chart... I always thought mood ring color charts were universal... But yellow on one ring could be inspired, while another is nervous. Hmm, guess you learn something new everyday... :)

Stay beautiful!

P.S. How come when I hit preview to proofread my post... All my adds turned up in Spanish? 

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