Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion: Trending in 1969

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Hello, my lovelies! This morning I came across the most interesting blog called Miss Moss, which is more of a "lifestyle blog," if you will.

In the Fashion and Vintage section, though, I found an extremely eye opening post with pictures of the trends from 1969. While some outfits looks rather ridiculous, a lot of them looked eerily similar to the trends we're wearing today. Loud prints, layers, bright colors, a multitude of textures... It got me thinking about how fashion is "recycled." It was once quoted "fashion is a form of ugliness so severe, we must change it every six months." Well said.

Seems like the 60s are back. Check out these pictures I found on and check out her blog for more captivating posts on all things fashion, vintage, food, and everything else lifestyle blogging! Stay beautiful!

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