Saturday, August 4, 2012

Snap, Snap, Snap for BTSS!

TeenVogue September 2012 Cover
Hello, my lovelies! Guess what arrived at my doorstep today? My TeenVogue September 2012 Fall Fashion Issue! I am a loyal subscriber to TeenVogue; my favorite fashion magazine!

Don't worry, I'm not giving away any spoilers for those who haven't flipped through the magazine yet... In fact, I haven't! I'm saving it for a dentist's appointment coming up. I hate sitting in waiting rooms!

But getting my issue of TeenVogue reminded me of BTSS, or Back-to-School Saturday, for those unfamiliar with the acronym. It's exactly one week away!

Now that I've introduced you to BTSS, I thought I'd go into further detail about how HUGE this shopping experience is going to be––You don't understand how major it is!

There are over three dozen businesses participating in BTSS including American Eagle, Miss Me, Vigoss, Givenchy Noir Couture, Paul Frank, Rimmel London, even Auntie Anne's is giving away free pretzels! But you can't just stroll in––There's a system.

First, get TeenVogue Magazine. You're missing out on a fantastic magazine if you're not getting it already! If you subscribe, you're all set. If you don't, go to your nearest "everything store" and buy one. They are $2.99 in the US, and $3.99 in Canada. 

All iPod Touch and iPhone users (team iPhone!), if you haven't already, get the TeenVogue Insider App. If you don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch, see if you can borrow one for your shopping trip from family, friends, whoever. All the fantastic deals and offers you need are there, and if you Snap certain pages with the app, you get more exclusives! And a bonus? The more things you do on the app, the more automatic entries you get the winning the ultimate shopping spree. And the app is free!

On BTSS, that app is going to be your best friend, because just flashing your screen at checkout gets you amazing deals! And if you just can't get your hands on an iPhone or iPod Touch, don't cry, there are TONS of other ways to get great deals with qualified stores! Visit and go through the slideshow to see which stores offer deals in other ways as well.

Okay, I'm guessing now you see the magnitude of this ultimate shopping event. There's only 7 days left, so start snapping, planning, and prepping for the biggest shopping day of your life! 

Stay beautiful!

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