Saturday, August 4, 2012

Icing's Dance the Night Away Setting Spray

Dance the Night Away Oil Control Setting Spray
Hello, my lovelies! After an outdoor party last night with countless mosquitoes, I've been itching to tell you all about my fourth and final Mall Haul purchase. (Ha ha ha) At Icing by Claire's I bought Icing's Dance the Night Away Oil Control Setting Spray for a bargain price of $5.50. Other setting sprays can cost around $20.

Why was this price so low? Because the product doesn't work. I saw no difference in how long my makeup lasted, and I tested it three times. 

The spray bottle was inconvenient, because it got your face wet after just finishing applying your makeup. If it were a misting bottle like Evian's Moisturizing Spray, it would be a lot easier to use.

Other than that, the product smells. Nothing too harsh, but a thin vanilla or lavender scent would have been a lot nicer to have on my face.

I suppose not everything can be the perfect purchase, but now I'll have to go back to using primer... And primer always jinxes my makeup job! I'll just need to practice...

Stay beautiful!