Monday, August 6, 2012

NEW FEATURE: Universal Beauty

Beauty is Universal - Let's Share It!
Hello, my lovelies! Lately I've noticed Aisles of Beauty is getting an exceptional number of views from all around the world. People in Russia, Mexico, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada have been reading Aisles of Beauty just this week alone.

Is that not amazing? It made me realize how big our world actually is, and how something as simple as makeup and fashion can connect us. I want all of our international readers to feel included and connected.

That's why I went to work creating a new Aisles of Beauty feature called Universal Beauty. Universal Beauty is a way for our international readers to share what fashion and beauty is like where they are from. Our international readers, and even readers from the states can connect and share what makes their country, state, or city unique. This is an amazing learning opportunity for everyone; let's wish Universal Beauty success!

Wherever you are from, send Aisles of Beauty an email! Just email with the subject Universal Beauty. Tell me your name, age, where you're from, and what makes fashion and beauty where you are unique. Hopefully I can interview you via the web, and your story can be featured in Universal Beauty! Keep checking back for Universal Beauty updates!

Wherever you're from, stay beautiful!

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