Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Classroom: Skincare (Part Two)

The Beauty Sectors of the Face.
Hello, my lovelies! I'm feeling much better today... I slept in and had some breakfast, cleaned my room, put my laptop on my desk, and I've spent a solid two hours so far of pure Aisles of Beauty work all business-like. I've been making minor site fixes, working on posts, and (SPOILER ALERT) there might be a collaboration of some sort in the near future... Feel free to let the mystery drive you crazy. :)

If you haven't already read Part One of the In the Classroom: Skincare series, I recommend reading that first. Now let's get started!

The first part of today's lesson is about the Beauty Sectors of the Face. Look at the picture to your left. There are four main named sections on the face that we refer to when talking about skincare. 

  • The T Zone - refers to forehead down to the tip of the nose, creating a T shape.
  • The Eye Area - refers to the skin surrounding the eyes.
  • The S Zone - refers to the cheeks.
  • The O Zone - refers the chin and the area around the mouth.

You'll need to think about the Beauty Sectors of YOUR Face to determine your skin type. Once you know your skin type, you'll finally be able to to pinpoint the best products for you!

There are 5 main skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Using the Official Aisles of Beauty Skin Type Chart, find which of the 5 main skin types sounds most like your face! Just click on the chart to enlarge it.

Once you determine your skin type, come back tomorrow for Part Three!

Stay Beautiful!

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