Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy 6 Month Anniversary, Readers.

Hello, my lovelies! Can you believe it? Last night marked the 6 month anniversary (183 days because it's a leap year) of Aisles of Beauty's first post! Remember? I told that story about Mother Nature and color and makeup? Read the story hereAisles of Beauty has really grown since then, huh? I remember when I was 12 and just wanting to start a beauty blog... I wasn't sure what I'd do... So I just dove right in. And here I am, with posts recognized all over the world, linked by other sites (I love when that happens), with my official Youtube Channel released and starting partnerships and guest posts and... Wow. It's been a pretty successful six months. 

Did you know 6 is my lucky number?

I'd like you all to know that no matter how many times I get writer's block, or how many times something goes wrong with this old Macbook, I still love you guys. You're the best reader's a teen blogger like myself could ever dream of, and just keep reading. Keep sharing my blog with your friends and sending me emails and giving me ideas. And I'll keep posting and making videos and taking pictures and buying products to review. 

Cheers to another six months!

Stay beautiful! 

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