Monday, November 5, 2012

6 Friendly Tips on Dyeing your Hair

Hello, my lovelies! This weekend was busy, I had nonstop rehearsals for Cedarbrook Theatre's Fall Drama, The Curious Savage. (Live in eastern PA? Come see the show! Visit for more info.) For those who have never heard of it, it's a hysterical comedy about an elderly widow named Mrs. Savage who was left with 10 million dollars, and she wants to do good deeds with it. Her stepchildren, however, have different, more selfish plans. I play Mrs. Savage, and that requires my hair to be blue. Yes, blue. 

I had to dye my hair blue for the show, and I thought I'd give you a few tips on dyeing your hair. Keep in mind these tips are all from my experience, and I used a temporary rinse blue dye.

1. Pick a good brand. The quality of the dye you choose all depends on the brand you buy. I went to a place called House of Beauty, and the employees helped me find a good brand for my hair.

2. Dark haired girls, beware! For girls with dark hair like mine, bleaching is often necessary to get the color you want. But bleaching is unhealthy, and can mess up your hair permanently. Talk with a professional for other options... Unless you plan on dyeing your hair permanently...

3. Get some help. Whether you're getting it dyed in a salon, or dyeing it at home like I did, you'll want an extra set of hands to help. My mom helped me get all the blue coloring in my hair, and help me do all the rinsing and such.

4. Read the directions. This is an obvious step, but different brands have different methods, it isn't the same process... Especially with how long you leave your hair under the dryer. Some brands say 10 minutes, others say 30. Pay attention!

5. Avoid the skin. Most hair dyes will tell you to use cream or petroleum jelly to guard your hairline, and that's important. I spent 20 minutes with a bottle of rubbing alcohol trying to get blue spots off of my face and hands. Cover up and wear gloves!

6. Know what you're doing. Woops! You accidentally got permanent dye rather than semi permanent! Now you're stuck with pink hair forever! Oopsies! Yeah, don't let that happen. Talk with professionals (employees at beauty stores, your hairdresser, your neighbor that just happens to be an expert dyer...) before doing anything you're unsure about. This is changing your hair color we're talking about!

I'll tell you in detail about my experience dying my hair blue next time.

Stay beautiful!

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