Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sephora Mattifying Foundation

Sephora Brand Oil Free Mattifying Foundation
Hello, my lovelies! The second product in my mall beauty haul was a new foundation. I had previously been using a Bare Minerals Starter Kit that my aunt had gotten me as a Christmas gift in 2011... I delayed use until that summer when I became more interested in makeup.

I somehow extended the use for almost a year (subtract a few weeks without use here and there), but I needed a new one. I hate creme foundation because it feels cakey on my skin, and I'm afraid liquid foundation will crease and make a mess. I prefer powder because it's easiest for me to apply, and the look I get is right for me.

Oooh, stylish...
So I chose this Sephora brand compact powder foundation for $20. Inexpensive, and worth every dime so far. It'll last for a while, too. I'm definitely getting my money's worth.

A secret compartment!
I purchased the Sephora Mattifying Foundation in D30, which according to its website is a cool beige. This foundation provides sheer to medium coverage, and quickly evens your skin tone for a seemingly flawless look. It eliminates shine, just as it promises, and even comes with a little application sponge and mirror! How adorable! I loved this little surprise under the powder, but I prefer to apply foundation with a brush. But to use the mirror and discover the sponge, just bend the lid back a little farther and a secret compartment will be revealed. 

Powder foundation is especially great for oily skin people, so keep that in mind when buying your next foundation! I recommend this product to those who like a matte face and sheer to medium coverage with their foundations. 

Stay beautiful!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer

I bought this at Sephora!
Hello, my lovelies! So my idea for a themed week didn't go so well, because I realized all of this makeup brush talk all at once was a bit boring... And I couldn't wait any longer to test out the new concealer I bought at Sephora! I purchased Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Flexible Coverage Concealer in Honey.

This is the very first concealer I have ever bought, because I had never been that keen on concealer in the first place. But I wanted to brighten up my face and have a more even canvas for all my "artwork," so I caved and bought some.

I wasn't smart enough to ask for help, so I was blindly searching the store for a good concealer, and came across this one. After testing it on a zit, it seemed OK, and I bought it for $20.00.

Irritatingly enough, its darkest shade was still too light... Even for my olive skin tone. Rather than conceal my blemishes, it made them much more evident, because there was a large blotch of lighter skin on my forehead and under my eyes. It didn't blend very well. My foundation did not do much help to fix this.

Now, if Too Faced provided a more versatile selection of shades, I'm sure my review would be different. Of course, this was my first try at buying the perfect concealer for me, and I'm sure there will be plenty of missed attempts to come. Still, this concealer has received awards and recognition, and if your skin happens to match one of its three shades to the tee, I highly recommend trying this product. It's easy squeeze bottle and rich, creamy formula will win the hearts of others, I'm sure of it.

I'll give this product another chance though––And maybe a second attempt will change my mind. I'll let you know!

Stay beautiful!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Updating Our Wardrobe

A screenshot of our new look! Recognize it?
Hello, my lovelies! You know those days when you realize how drab your wardrobe is? Limited colors, styles, etc. Well, I felt that way about Aisles of Beauty's wardrobe, actually, I've been feeling that way for a while.

I finally got up the nerve to look for a fresh, new look for Aisles of Beauty, and I found it! All day I've been working on the site so you can adjust to the new, and improved, Aisles of Beauty.

Look at all the color! Look at all the style! Ooh, and there's finally a sidebar! 

I am so excited you will finally be able to subscribe by email to my blog, easily find the archive and most popular posts, and there's even a label bar so you can pick your favorite topics and find posts all about them! 

You'll be seeing a lot of updates on the site so we can improve it every day. But don't you love it? It's so exciting!

Stay Beautiful!

The Info Aisle: Makeup Brushes

Click to enlarge and learn how to clean your makeup brushes!
Hello, my lovelies! Thanks for all of your concern over my hand, it's fine–healing, and I'm spending the day with another friend of mine getting my mind off of it.

This week, I want to try something a little new. I'm going to give my week a theme... Let's see where this goes.

This week's theme gives tribute to an often overlooked side of makeup artistry: The Makeup Brushes. They're what we use to paint our faces with color and expression!

For the first day of the week, Sunday, you all are going to visit The Info Aisle, one of the many Aisles of Beauty. (Ah, the name is making sense now, isn't it?) In the Info Aisle, let's learn about cleaning our makeup brushes. Just click on the image, and it will enlarge, so you can see crystal clear all the simple steps to washing your brushes!

And if you don't know much about brushes at all, don't worry. You will be an expert by the end of the week!

** All of these informative posts about makeup brushes will also be posted on The Classroom page, so once they're archived, you'll still be able to easily find them!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I'm left-handed.
Hello, my lovelies! Would you like to hear a story? A girl's mother told her to take the puppies' dog food outside. With two little chicken legs in her right hand, she walked outside of her kitchen and onto the damp concrete. She closed the kitchen door behind her, or tried... But her hand didn't escape in time, and her middle finger was hit––hard. 

Long story short I cant really use my left hand.

So, please enjoy a little collage of pictures I found on Tumblr. Hugs and band-aids kisses!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Michelle Phan's Short Stories

Hello, my lovelies! If you're reading this it means I am at my sleepover with one of my closest friends, and I could not find time to blog this morning. But I couldn't possibly leave you hanging (I'm on a role with this blogging everyday thing), and so I decided to share with you one of my favorite short films.

Michelle Phan, beauty blogger extraordinaire, besides creating amazing tutorials on Youtube, also directs and stars in short films... Most often love stories. This one is called Underneath Your Love, and is an inspiring love story for all who see it. It's 22 minutes long, and it beats watching cartoons. 

This shall keep you plenty busy, but don't worry, I will be back soon! So pop some popcorn, get cozy, and play it on full screen. You'll love it, I promise!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guess Who's On Beautylish...

Hello, my lovelies! Just to update you, yes, I did finally get out of the house and go to the mall. I got an amazing beauty haul, so be sure to tune in all next week for tons of posts about everything I got! Tomorrow and Saturday I'll be having a sleepover with one of my best friends, so I might not get a chance to post, but I'll try to schedule some pictures or other blogs' news so you'll still have something to do. 

But back to the point! Today I was watching a tutorial from Vintage or Tacky, and Cora told her viewers about Beautylish.com, and I decided to check it out. In short, Beautylish is your go to place for all things related to the beauty community. Whether you're a professional or not, you can create a profile, read and write product reviews, post pictures, videos, talk with others in the community in great forums, and read all types of wonderful articles.

Aisles of Beauty is now on Beautylish! Click on this link to view my profile directly:

Make an account here if you haven't already for a first look at all things beautylish, and connect with me! 

Stay Beautiful,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

House Arrest: The Woes of a Teenage Girl

Last night I realized that for the past two weeks... No, over two weeks, I've been spending every day stuck in my house. Is that not so sad?

I feel as if I'm under house arrest! But I shall finally be rescued–tomorrow, my dad is taking me and my two younger sisters to the pool and the mall. Thank goodness!

My thirst for activity outside of this household shall be quenched, and I'll get some poolside fun and perhaps some new makeup out of the experience as well.

So because I had nothing to do today, I thought, Might as well give the readers something fun to do. So go ahead and watch everybody's favorite shopping anthem: Goin to the Mall by the School Gyrls. Haha, haven't seen them in a while, have we?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Raving About... Teen Choice Awards 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012
Because my social life has been lacking, I was home alone on Sunday night eating ice cream and watching the Teen Choice Awards 2012. But, I suppose that grants me a beauty blogging opportunity. =)

So... On photocollage.net, I created a little collage of my favorite looks from the Teen Choice Awards. Though my absolute favorite was Lea Michele's silver Versace mini dress. How adorable! Also ranking in my favorites... Nina Dobrev's very angular, constructed dress... Ooh! And Ashley Rickard's yellow dress with black lace as well. Everyone seems to love Selena Gomez's little pink number, and Cymphonique looked pretty fantastic as always. :)

Here's my collage, and you can make your own on photocollage.net! If you send it in, I can post it on Aisles of Beauty! I seem to really love collages, whether they're online or on poster board (made any mood boards lately?). 

My favorite looks from the Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Make a collage on photocollage.net!

Out of the Doldroms: Thanks Fashion Guru!

Aisles of Beauty was mentioned on ifashionguru.blogspot.com!
Hello, my lovelies! I'll be honest, it's been over two weeks since I've posted anything, and I was sure I couldn't continue. A combination of writer's block, a busy schedule, and the fact that it's pretty hard to wear makeup in the summer made writing for Aisles of Beauty rather difficult.

But today, I logged into Blogger and noticed a new source of traffic. ifashionguru.blogspot.com. This is a brand new blog, only a week old, and it is your go to source for a savior in any and all fashion emergencies. When I first clicked on, I was surprised how... similar our websites looked. We use the same format, but she has a different background. I looked around, and found a post from July 18 (my little sister's birthday, by the way... Happy Birthday Ava Angelettie! 10 years old! Wow!) titled More Beauty Blogs

On the top of the list of beauty blogs Fashion Guru wanted her readers to read was Aisles of Beauty, and I started tearing up. I knew I had a small audience of readers, but I never imagined something like this would happen at all. You can thank Fashion Guru of ifashionguru.blogspot.com for forcing me out of my doldrums, and back into beauty blogging. I left the Pocono Mountains a little while ago, and I am back in civilization, so lack of wifi is no excuse. 

Expect more posts from me, and be sure to read the Fashion Guru's blog as well!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

NEW FEATURE: The Classroom

So hopefully, by now, you've learned the reason for my lack of posts. Well like I said, to make up for the disappearance of the new Toolbox Trilogy, I have created a NEW FEATURE on Aisles of Beauty. It's called The Classroom, and it's the place where beauty addicts like yourselves can go for the 411 on all things beauty.

I will be spending a lot of my time, along with blogging everyday for a month (the ultimate beauty challenge), writing articles for The Classroom. But it won't just be me helping you out. Now it's your time to connect with other beauty fanatics and enlighten them with YOUR knowledge. If you know a thing or two about makeup and beauty, and want to share it with the Aisles of Beauty International Community, fill out the form below or on the Classroom page. It's that simple!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Late Again, I Know.

"I'm Late!" -- The White Rabbit
I have received numerous emails questioning my lack of posts on Aisles of Beauty. So now that I finally have some time to sit down and blog, I'll tell you what happened.

The Toolbox Trilogy was supposed to teach the basics of makeup, so I was reluctant to post tutorials and reviews until the Toolbox Trilogy was up... But because of these restrictions, I got hit with severe writers block. What else could I blog about? Lacking inspiration, I started diligently editing the Toolbox Trilogy so I could finally post it, and resume blogging. 

Then the Toolbox Trilogy died. 

Technically I killed it, but ACCIDENTALLY! I was cleaning out unneeded files on my laptop because I was practically out of space, and some how it just magically appeared in my trash can and I cleared it! So really, it's not my fault, the file put itself there.

Devastated, I spent two days brainstorming a solution. And there came The Classroom. Everything about the classroom is on its page, located on the pink bar above this post. So I don't find the need to explain. 

But starting July 10, I shall make up for my lack of posts by following through with my summer resolution. There will be a post every single day from July 10 to August 10, but I'll most likely have to end there because then it'll be back to school season, and I'll be quite busy. Until then, ciao!