Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sephora Mattifying Foundation

Sephora Brand Oil Free Mattifying Foundation
Hello, my lovelies! The second product in my mall beauty haul was a new foundation. I had previously been using a Bare Minerals Starter Kit that my aunt had gotten me as a Christmas gift in 2011... I delayed use until that summer when I became more interested in makeup.

I somehow extended the use for almost a year (subtract a few weeks without use here and there), but I needed a new one. I hate creme foundation because it feels cakey on my skin, and I'm afraid liquid foundation will crease and make a mess. I prefer powder because it's easiest for me to apply, and the look I get is right for me.

Oooh, stylish...
So I chose this Sephora brand compact powder foundation for $20. Inexpensive, and worth every dime so far. It'll last for a while, too. I'm definitely getting my money's worth.

A secret compartment!
I purchased the Sephora Mattifying Foundation in D30, which according to its website is a cool beige. This foundation provides sheer to medium coverage, and quickly evens your skin tone for a seemingly flawless look. It eliminates shine, just as it promises, and even comes with a little application sponge and mirror! How adorable! I loved this little surprise under the powder, but I prefer to apply foundation with a brush. But to use the mirror and discover the sponge, just bend the lid back a little farther and a secret compartment will be revealed. 

Powder foundation is especially great for oily skin people, so keep that in mind when buying your next foundation! I recommend this product to those who like a matte face and sheer to medium coverage with their foundations. 

Stay beautiful!

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