Sunday, July 29, 2012

Updating Our Wardrobe

A screenshot of our new look! Recognize it?
Hello, my lovelies! You know those days when you realize how drab your wardrobe is? Limited colors, styles, etc. Well, I felt that way about Aisles of Beauty's wardrobe, actually, I've been feeling that way for a while.

I finally got up the nerve to look for a fresh, new look for Aisles of Beauty, and I found it! All day I've been working on the site so you can adjust to the new, and improved, Aisles of Beauty.

Look at all the color! Look at all the style! Ooh, and there's finally a sidebar! 

I am so excited you will finally be able to subscribe by email to my blog, easily find the archive and most popular posts, and there's even a label bar so you can pick your favorite topics and find posts all about them! 

You'll be seeing a lot of updates on the site so we can improve it every day. But don't you love it? It's so exciting!

Stay Beautiful!

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