Wednesday, July 25, 2012

House Arrest: The Woes of a Teenage Girl

Last night I realized that for the past two weeks... No, over two weeks, I've been spending every day stuck in my house. Is that not so sad?

I feel as if I'm under house arrest! But I shall finally be rescued–tomorrow, my dad is taking me and my two younger sisters to the pool and the mall. Thank goodness!

My thirst for activity outside of this household shall be quenched, and I'll get some poolside fun and perhaps some new makeup out of the experience as well.

So because I had nothing to do today, I thought, Might as well give the readers something fun to do. So go ahead and watch everybody's favorite shopping anthem: Goin to the Mall by the School Gyrls. Haha, haven't seen them in a while, have we?

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