Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fall Fashion: Cozy Sweaters

A cozy, slouchy sweater is perfect for fall!
Hello, my lovelies! Did everyone have a fabulous Black Friday? Well, today is Small Business Saturday, so go and support your family and friends and neighbors that own their own businesses!

An Aisles of Beauty reader asked me recently what type of sweaters she should wear with her smokey eye. For those unaware, Sweaters and Smokey Eyes is a gorgeous, classic fall look, and its also the name of my first Youtube video. I teach you how to create the perfect smokey eye to match your fabulous sweaters. Watch it here.

In addition to the sweaters you see in my Youtube video, I thought I'd compile some pics of cute fall sweaters than can easily be paired with a smokey eye... My favorite is the pink sweater you just saw. Here are some more, credit to Tumblr:

As long as you feel comfortable and stylish in the sweater you're in, it's perfect. Enjoy your Small Business Saturday, and get ready for Cyber Monday! 

Stay beautiful!

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