Thursday, November 29, 2012

America's Next Top Model: Cycle 16

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16
Hello, my lovelies! So these last few days I've been suffering from a horrible cold, and I've been home from school, and I've missed the first rehearsals for Young Frankenstein! (I got Elizabeth!) The biggest problem is I can't speak! But at least I'm somewhat well enough to get some work done on ye ol laptop. 

All day I've been watching an America's Next Top Model Style-a-Thon on the Style Network. Style-a-Thon's feature old seasons of fantastic shows all day long.

If you've never heard of ANTM, it's a televised modeling competition created by Tyra Banks, one of my ultimate role models. The challenges in cycle 16 are exciting, and each is unique. You'd think after watching it for 4 hours I'd get a little bored, but every episode has its own drama, surprises, and fun! 

My favorite model is Jaclyn Poole, she is the sweetest, fiercest southern belle I have ever seen! Unfortunately for me, I already know my least favorite model, Brittani Kline, becomes America's Next Top Model. She's a real meanie. 

Jaclyn is on the left, and Brittani is on the right. There is no worse feeling than watching your favorite model get eliminated, especially when Jaclyn in particular did well in every other challenge. And she's so sweet, yet so versatile! *screams silently because I have no voice* Oh my gosh I'm like the little mermaid.

So, this is the best I could come up with as I'm lying sick in bed watching reruns of ANTM and drinking orange juice. Bare with me till my voice returns... 

Stay beautiful!

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