Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Reflection

November in 10+ different languages! 
Hello, my lovelies! Today marks the first of November, and it's time for yet another monthly reflection post.

Just so you all know, Hurricane Sandy struck hard this week, and our power is still out, and apparently won't be fixed until tomorrow night. At least we've gotten a week off of school for it. I'm at my Ti Ti's house {we slept over... got sick of no heat & electricity}. So.. Happy belated Halloween! Anyway, it's November, and that means Thanksgiving, Black Friday, oh, all the shopping! It's giving me chills.  =)

This month's goals:

  1. Release Aisles of Beauty's first official Youtube video
  2. Post 25+ blog posts
  3. Write more product reviews (that seems to be the most popular feature)
Hold me to it, lovelies, I want this month to be Aisles of Beauty's best month yet!

Stay beautiful!

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