Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reader's Look: Blue Hair

Maya from Mexico dyed her hair blue in honor of me! I love this girl!
Hello, my lovelies! This weekend has been particularly irritating, because after two amazing nights of The Curious Savage, karma just had to catch up with me and break my computer. I didn't spill anything this time, it just won't let me log into my account! But I had to write an essay for Spanish, so we pulled some strings and here I am on my mother's computer, blogging to you about the highlight of my weekend since Friday.

Today I received the most amazing email from a loyal reader in Mexico named Maya. Talk about Universal Beauty. =) Technically, I already know her personally... She's my Secret Twin! We have the same birthday, June 10, and we keep in touch. Here's the email:
Well Secret Twin!
As you know, I die my streaks quite often! I've had them purple, teal, pink, blonde, and then I died them back to brown for a while. But I got bored with that, and I decided I wanted to die them again. So, in honour of my Secret Twin's debut with blue hair, that's the color I picked for mine as well! How did your play go, anywayz? Are you going to post it on your bloggity blog blog?
Yup. Check out her gorgeous blue locks in honor of my dyeing MY hair blue for the play! Love you Maya! {Want to email me your pics?!}

Stay beautiful!

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