Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday!

Black Friday 2012
Hello, my lovelies! Happy Black Friday! For those of you who've already ventured out to the mall at 3 am for doorbuster deals, congrats to you. Go ahead and get your Christmas shopping done, maybe you can buy me a few things too.

Unfortunately for me, my mother is refusing to let me out of the house, because she's worried I'll get run over by wild civilians or worse... Spend money. Gasp! House Arrest again... Deja vĂș.

So here I am blogging to you, hopelessly awaiting Cyber Monday, when maybe I'll get lucky and catch a deal or seven. I have so much Christmas shopping to do this year, and I'm stuck going to Five Below with my younger sisters a week before Christmas when all the good stuff is gone. I suppose its tradition. =(

On a happier note, my Thanksgiving was wonderful, I stuffed my face with turkey and stuffing and macaroni and platanos (fried plantains)... I hate cranberry sauce, so I had none of that. With a wave of fatigue I helped a bit with the dishes and headed upstairs to relax. Did you know, countless people have been asking for help with their blogs and websites after seeing the success of Aisles of Beauty. =) All because of you guys!

Enjoy your Black Friday everybody, and don't worry if you don't get everything you need. There's still Cyber Monday, and a lot of stores are extending their deals to get "in the black."

Stay beautiful!

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