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Aisles of Beauty was the first beauty blog dedicated to empowering young women to explore the world of makeup and let their amazing personalities shine through. Aisles of Beauty had a loyal international audience and frequent posts to keep them entertained. =)

This beauty blog was unique, because Aisles of Beauty offered entertaining advice for teenagers looking for guidance in the crazy, colorful world of makeup. Aisles of Beauty featured advice and affordable products for every teenager.

Need mascara tips? Come here. Product reviews? Front page! Inspiration? My speciality! Beauty was a passion of mine, and I hope I can make it a passion of yours. 

Founded by Autumn Angelettie (that's me!), Aisles of Beauty was on a mission to make the world just a bit more beautiful everyday. 

Although Autumn stopped posting on this blog, she is still on a mission to make the world a little bit more beautiful. She's actively working on newer blogging projects, and will share them with any of those interested:

just shoot me any email about anything you'd like to know: aislesofbeauty@gmail.com

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