Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sweaters and Smokey Eyes: My First Youtube Video!!

OMG! I'm on Youtube!

Hello, my lovelies! This past week has been particularly inspiring. Because of disastrous feats of nature (cough cough Hurricane Sandy), I've been given more time to devote to working on my blog. And in that time I've done something wonderful. Remember in my Fall/Halloween Nails post when I mentioned a BIG surprise? Something you've been waiting for a very LONG time? 

Oh yes, if you're thinking MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO EVER, you're spot on! Just minutes ago I uploaded Aisles of Beauty's first Youtube Tutorial: Sweaters and Smokey Eyes. Be the first to learn how to create a beautiful bronze smokey eye in this classic fall look on my Youtube Channel! And this is just the first of a string of surprises to be revealed; November Surprise #1 is complete.

Click here to view the tutorial:

Like it, leave comments, share it with your friends, and help me go viral! 

And now that this lovely surprise is revealed, it's time to get started on November Surprise #2.

Stay beautiful!

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