Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Out of the Doldroms: Thanks Fashion Guru!

Aisles of Beauty was mentioned on ifashionguru.blogspot.com!
Hello, my lovelies! I'll be honest, it's been over two weeks since I've posted anything, and I was sure I couldn't continue. A combination of writer's block, a busy schedule, and the fact that it's pretty hard to wear makeup in the summer made writing for Aisles of Beauty rather difficult.

But today, I logged into Blogger and noticed a new source of traffic. ifashionguru.blogspot.com. This is a brand new blog, only a week old, and it is your go to source for a savior in any and all fashion emergencies. When I first clicked on, I was surprised how... similar our websites looked. We use the same format, but she has a different background. I looked around, and found a post from July 18 (my little sister's birthday, by the way... Happy Birthday Ava Angelettie! 10 years old! Wow!) titled More Beauty Blogs

On the top of the list of beauty blogs Fashion Guru wanted her readers to read was Aisles of Beauty, and I started tearing up. I knew I had a small audience of readers, but I never imagined something like this would happen at all. You can thank Fashion Guru of ifashionguru.blogspot.com for forcing me out of my doldrums, and back into beauty blogging. I left the Pocono Mountains a little while ago, and I am back in civilization, so lack of wifi is no excuse. 

Expect more posts from me, and be sure to read the Fashion Guru's blog as well!

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