Monday, May 21, 2012

Entering the Crazy, Colorful World of Makeup

World of Color - Disney World
I'd like to open this blog with a story every artist must hear... And it all begins on one dull day in the beginning of time. Young Mother Nature was sitting around, quite bored indeed. There was nothing to do, nothing to see. She decided to draw little doodles on our planet, which at the time, was just a blank canvas. A few plots of land and sea here and there, that's all. She sketched beautiful mountains, and canyons, and forests, and made the sun rise and set each morning and every evening with a little flipbook animation. But something was missing. Something to complete her painting. Young Mother Nature played around with a few ideas for a bit, and soon enough, created color. Vibrant reds, rich blue hues, shades of pink and purple, oranges, greens, and yellows. Some dark, some light. Some faint and shy, while others burst into the senses.

Mother Nature swirled colors into the sky and below the surface. Eventually, humans learned to take these colors and make even more beauty out of them. Clothing, art, even food were given beautiful tints and hues. And finally, we created makeup. A way to put these colors on our bodies and make living art. A way to enhance the beauty we were born with, and give our faces a much deeper purpose. Expression. Creativity. The possibilities are endless!

Ever since it's creation, the crazy, colorful world of makeup has grown more and more complex as time has gone by. Now there's dozens of brands, scents, and ways to add color to your face. There are intricacies as far as what brush to "paint" with, what pigment looks best, what mood and theme you want to portray. Your own face is your canvas, and it is a canvas you will grow to know so well, the most beautiful of artwork will come from it.

This beauty rant has a purpose, believe it or not. This is a folktale that has inspired the creation of Aisles of Beauty. The Aisles of Beauty is a spinoff of your traditional beauty blog. It's not made for 18-45 year olds looking for the best concealer or wrinkle reducing night cream. This beauty blog is designed specifically for preteens looking for guidance in the wonderful world of makeup. There are questions to be answered, mysteries to be solved, and stories to share, so what better place to do so than here? Welcome to the Aisles of Beauty!

Your Dedicated Blogger and Future BFFL,

Autumn =)

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