Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Numbers Game: The Bird in the Windshield

Now is she mature enough to wear makeup?
Like every road you will travel on, there will be bumps, and deer, and potholes. Our first obstacle is similar to an irritating bird flying into the windshield as if it can't see where it's going, even though it has two eyes. Not one, two. So why must it fly into the windshield! Sigh. Never mind. My point is, we have annoying birds in our lives. They are known as the adults in our lives that are just a tad old school.

They are the ones who believe middle schoolers, and even high schoolers, are too young for makeup. So we must think about the Numbers Game. How young is too young? What age is OK? How old until I can wear this or that? The Numbers Game is simply an excuse to hide the ever elusive truth about tweens and teens like us. Maturity isn't our most widespread characteristic. Maturity will be your most important asset in the Hunger Games Numbers Game. No bow and arrow required to win.

The concept is simple: The adults in your life need to understand you are mature enough to wear makeup. This means you have to be able to wear it in a respectful, tasteful manner. Not so much that you look like Lady Gaga, no crazy colors at, for example, church, and NO LOOKING LIKE SNOOKI. EVER. I mean it. Don't even try it. It's a waste of makeup.

So if you can wear your makeup in a tasteful manner, or at least you are willing to learn how here, then you are qualified to add a little of Mother Nature's gift to your face. I don't mean the gift in the Tampax Commercial... Because I know that's what at least one of you was thinking. I mean color! Makeup! Excitement! Expression! Creativity!

Honestly, a four year old isn't mature enough to wear makeup. Most four year olds can't even handle the brushes properly. My four year old cousin recently destroyed some cream blush I had... Aww.

To the bumps, deer, potholes, and birds,

Autumn =)

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