Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hello Kitty Head of Class Makeup Collection

Hello Kitty Head of Class Fall 2012 Makeup Collection
Hello, my lovelies! Remember the good old days, when we spent all of our time finger painting our walls, playing with lipstick that obviously didn't belong to us, and obsessing over Hello Kitty?

Wait––that was just me? Oh. Well, I loved Hello Kitty; I still do! I wrote Hello Kitty songs, bought her DVDs––I had Hello Kitty everything. Let's see... a Hello Kitty backpack, a Hello Kitty wallet, a Hello Kitty stuffed kitty, a Hello Kitty pillow, Hello Kitty jewelry, Hello Kitty accessories... And I was a member of her official fan club!

I am less obsessive over her today, but I still love that adorable kitten. I follow Hello Kitty on Google+, and I came across the cutest promotional video for the Hello Kitty Head of Class Makeup Collection. In her endearing little nerd glasses, Hello Kitty's face is all over her newest collection.

This new back to school limited edition makeup collection is sold exclusively at Sephora, and includes: 2 different eyeshadow/blush palettes, a gold bow necklace, a three piece brush set, a Hello Pretty makeup bag, two different compact mirrors, and compact mirror nail stickers!

I can't wait to head to Sephora and check out this new makeup collection! And if you already have something from this collection, tell me all about it!

And you can watch the video on Aisles of Beauty's Official Google+ Page: 
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Stay beautiful!

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