Friday, August 17, 2012

BTSS @ Macy's

This one looks all fancy because I put it on Instagram ;)
Hello, my lovelies! Yes, yes, I know. I might have accidentally taken another break right after the post saying I had taken a little break.

I've actually been quite busy to make up for my uneventful summer. I had a sleepover on Wednesday, and then today I had to tag along in dropping my father off at the airport, and then I went to another friend's house to spend the afternoon, and now I'm here. And tomorrow I will most likely be going to another sleepover, and then every day this week I have National Junior Honor Society Service Hours to take care of, and then that weekend I will mostly likely be having a sleepover with yet ANOTHER one of my friends... And possibly crashing a movie set (they're filming Paranoia in my area! LIAM HEMSWORTH! AAAHHH!)

Could that be all, you ask? Of course not! Because I haven't even told you about Back to School Saturday, and how the only thing I ended up purchasing was a $15 boyfriend shirt at H&M, a magazine, and a chocolate bar with almonds. So I have arrange a shopping trip with yet another group of friends. PLUS, I simply must find new shoes before school... My only pair at the moment is a set of bright green flip flops with pink detailing, meant to be worn as pool shoes. 

I'm a busy, busy girl! But I found the time to show you a few of the pictures I took when trying on (and certainly not buying) dresses in the Juniors section at Macy's on BTSS. I was with two great friends of mine, Maureen and Margaret. Check them out! And don't worry, even though I have a hectic schedule these last few weeks of summer, I will most certainly make time for you. My viewers have bumped back up!
Maureen + Me
Maureen and Margaret
I thought I was a sailor...
So... Many... SPARKLES!!!
Hey there, Tiger :D
Stay beautiful!

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