Monday, August 6, 2012

Fragrances: My Two Scents on the Matter ;)

Fragrance Collage - Made by Autumn Angelettie 
Hello, my lovelies! Today, while my sisters went to the pool to swim and play, I stayed home to relax and read my latest TeenVogue magazine. This was a fantastic issue!

Don't worry, no spoilers. I only want to tell you I noticed an exceptional amount of perfume samples in the magazine. I sniffed all of them––And it got me thinking... When's the last time I wore perfume?

Did you know that people can remember a distinct smell with 65% accuracy after an entire year? Your visual memories only last 3 months with 50% accuracy. The sense of smell is a vital part of our lifestyle. The average human being can recognize approximately 10,000 different scents and odors. And our sense of smell affects our sense of well being and quality of life––A smell can influence our mood, taste, and even our friends. Want more fun facts about smell?

• Women are born better "smellers" than men, and remain that way over life.
• Dieters: The smell of green apple can help control appetite.
• It's not just the bees... Humans can smell fear too!
• No two people smell things the same way... Except twins. Wow!

I don't know about you, but if smell is such a huge part of our everyday lives, I want to smell good. And with so many fragrances out there, it shouldn't be hard to find a scent perfect for me! Then again, with so many options, how will I find my.... Signature scent? I want a scent that describes me. If people can remember things better by their smell, when they get a whiff of my perfume, they should know I'm in the room. How cool would that be?

But perfumes are so expensive! A 1.0 ounce bottle averages around $40 - $60. And how long is that going to last if I'm wearing my signature scent everyday? Oh, fragrances are so complicated! 

Do you wear perfume? What do you wear? How much did it cost? Contact me and let me know, or just leave it in the comments. 

Stay beautiful!

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