Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Into Autumn!

A beautiful Autumn Painting... 
Hello, my lovelies! Although it's been quite a while, it feels natural to be sitting at my desk typing to you right now... If I only my contact lenses weren't being so weird...

I know what you're thinking. Where was I? To be honest, I don't know. Usually when I hit Writer's Block, inspiration smacks me in the face and I get writing again, but this time it came in gradual sips.

But the sips have emptied a whole mug of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa (mmm), and filled my belly, and–wow that made no sense.

Put simply, I'm back, and I won't be disappearing again for a while. I want you all to email me right now with any fashion/beauty related questions you have, so I can answer them this week. 

Yes, you can start coming back regularly again. So sorry to deprive you! Oh, and tell your friends!

Stay Beautiful!

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