Monday, October 22, 2012

In the Classroom: Nails (Part Two)

Nail care is important. 
Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday! I thought I'd brighten up the beginning of your week with some fun facts. Did you know nails are made out of a protein called keratin, just like our hair? And if you're right handed, the nails on your right hand will grow faster? Works with lefty's too... Like me! And did you know humans have been doing manicures for over 4,000 years? Maybe not in nail salons, but the concept is pretty much the same. Ooh, and did you know rubber bands last longer when refrigerated? Haha, I bet you learned more in the last 30 seconds than you did in school today.

Caring for your nails is important. Your nails are the barrier between you and infection, not to mention they're this year's #1 accessory. Fun Fact: Did you know the condition of your nails is a tell-tale sign of your health status? So if your body is healthy, your nails are healthy... And vice versa.

General Nail Care Tips

  1. Lack of vitamins and minerals in your system shows on the surface of your nails. No dieting and malnutrition! Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Your nails are not tools; don't use them to break things, pick things up, open things, etc. That's what fingers and can openers are for!
  3. Regularly cut the free edges of your nails. Not completely, but regularly cutting your nails actually helps them grow faster. 
  4. Moisturize and use nail oils. Just like your skin and your hair, nails get dry, and regularly moisturizing them keeps them healthy and smooth. Nail oils can help stimulate growth and strengthen your nails.
  5. Wear gloves more often. When washing the dishes, doing the laundry, gardening, and especially cleaning the house, your hands get exposed to many harsh chemicals. Protect your skin and your nails by wearing gloves for more than just going outside!
  6. Be careful with certain nail products. Especially in nail polish remover, there may be strong chemicals that can actually damage your nails. If your nails seem stained, dry, or brittle, stop using that product and give your nails a rest. Then try a milder one.
Cuticle Care

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Your cuticles are protectors; they prevent infection and cover the tissue that builds new nail cells. Some cuticles are smooth and clean, while others are ragged and thick. Whichever category you fall in, do not cut your cuticles. It is unsafe and unnecessary.

  1. If your cuticles are covering half of your nail, rather than cut them, push them back while they're soft, like after you take a shower. 
  2. Don't pick at or press on your cuticles, be gentle with them!
  3. Use cuticle cream or cuticle oil to moisturize your cuticles. Remember, cuticles are still skin, and dry out too, especially in colder climates. Dry cuticles are unsightly.
Alrighty, one last Fun Fact: Diamonds can be made from peanut butter. True story. 

Tune in tomorrow for Part Three!

Stay beautiful!

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