Sunday, September 23, 2012

Being Photogenic

I used the app "Fotorus" to make this look so awesome!
Hello, my lovelies! OK, so rather than hopelessly wait until my Writer's Block disappears, I'm forcing myself to sit down and write.

So what's on my mind today, you ask? Photography. Being photogenic, in particular. Some of my friends are extremely photogenic. If you sneak up on them and take a picture, you'd think they knew it was coming, because they always look so perfect!

Me, on the other hand... I'm not so photogenic. And I hate getting my picture taken, because I can't see how to turn my head or how my hair looks or how big my smile is... So School Picture Day always gets on my nerves.

When I take pictures myself, it takes about 3 dozen tries before I take one I actually like... And then I put it on Instagram (hehe). I'd like to know if being photogenic is something you're born with, or if you can develop it... Sort of like a talent. Hmmmm... 

What do you think, dearest readers? Quite thought provoking, if you ask me.

Stay beautiful!

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