Monday, September 10, 2012

Top 5 Party Must Haves

A picture I took at the Bar Mitzvah I went to...
Hello, my lovelies! So this weekend, I went to my close friend Jacob's Bar Mitzvah, and it was absolutely amazing! I have to say it made the Top 3 without question. Unfortunately I didn't film myself putting on my makeup, but I'll redo the makeup for a tutorial later this week.

Every time I've prepared for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or any party where I know I'll be dancing, I always freak out about what to wear and what to bring and all that jazz. By now I've mastered the art, and thought I'd enlighten you on Party Must Haves, besides the gift.

What to Wear: Keep it light. With dancing comes sweating, and heavy clothes are just going to make that worse. Even if it's hailing in the middle of winter, it's going to be hot on the dance floor surrounded by people! To this one I wore a leopard print dress... But get this, I tucked it into some skinny jeans to make it more casual. It was very cute!

Makeup: I cannot stress this enough: Dancing = Sweating. Don't wear creme eyeliner or any kind of smudging makeup. Here's what I did: I wore my Sephora Mattifying Foundation to keep the shine off of my face, did my signature party bronze smokey eye, and added a nude lip. I kept my mascara minimal; just enough to put some "umph" in my lashes. If you have to wear liner, make it liquid liner, because that's the least "smudgeable" type.

Me at a Bat Mitzvah earlier this year.
In my purse: I brought my foundation brush and my Sephora Mattifying Foundation for touch ups, because that last thing I needed was a face covered in shine! I also brought mascara for touch ups, and lip gloss of course. Oh, and hair products! I always bring a comb and ponytail holders, because your hair may get a little wild and crazy like mine. And I always bring a needle and thread in case of a fashion emergency. I recommend safety pins if you can't sew, in fact that's better, I just can't ever find safety pins around my house anymore!

So here's your Top 5 Must Haves:

  1. Light Clothing
  2. Hair Supplies (comb, hair ties)
  3. Mattifying Powder of some sort
  4. Touch-Up Makeup (mascara, liquid liner, lip gloss, etc.)
  5. Safety Pins (or needle and thread)
Simple enough, right? Good luck at your next big bash, and have fun!

Stay beautiful!

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