Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Writer's Block

Picture me as the horrifying zombie on the left.
Hello, my lovelies! I've posted enough times for you to know somehow, every time my blog reaches its peak of prosperity, karma catches up to me and everything comes crashing down.

And it's always lack of inspiration. A beauty blogger has unlimited sources. I can write about anything. But blogging about a new product I've never even seen is what I call a filler post; and I don't want to cram your minds with filler posts. Me complaining about filler posts is a filler post all on its own! Oy, now my head hurts.

But you know it takes a pot of gold at the other end of a rainbow to pull me out of writer's block. And before the rainbow even gets here in the first place, it has to rain. I haven't even been answering emails, I don't know how to reply to those anymore! So what shall I do to avoid a useless filler post while waiting for my writer's block to clear? For now, read some old posts you might have missed, and tune in tomorrow for a big surprise! Don't worry, it's the good kind. =)

Stay beautiful!

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