Monday, September 3, 2012

September Song

Aw, aren't these trees just beautiful?
Hello, my lovelies! The first of September was a start to a fantastic month for me. My laptop was fixed! Sort of, I have the same hard drive but a different laptop... But everything is just fine and peachy!

And then yesterday I did some great shopping all over town and got some fabulous new clothes and shoes! No makeup though... :(  But don't worry, I still have a ton of reviews planned this month!

August was a pretty good month for Aisles of Beauty, don't you think? And things can only get better! I titled this month's "reflection post" September Song, because when I think of September, I think of that song. It's a beautiful acapella piece my competition vocal group did at Hershey. Oh yeah, and that amazing soloist in September Song is my friend Willa... Take a look:

I'm all the way to the right on the bottom row in the purple v-neck. Do you see me? Anyways, I just want to thank all of my loyal readers for being so fantastic this summer. There's more great things to come in the fall! Keep reading!

Stay beautiful!

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