Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School Blues and Hues

Nude Makeup Palette
Hello, my lovelies! Oh, goodness, I feel its been ages since I last posted! It's school. While raving about all the Back to School shopping and sales and clothes and makeup I completely forgot about how problematic back to school can be as well.

Now it's Back to School Blues because with my busy schedule and upcoming auditions for the Fall Drama, I don't even know HOW I could possibly find any time to blog! No no, this is not goodbye. I have a few ideas up my sleeve to post often, so bare with me while I experiment....

Speaking of bare, another form of Back to School Blues has been on my mind. I call it Back to School Hues. Remember in my post about the Numbers Game, where I talked about getting your parents to let you wear makeup and maturity and all that jazz? Well, some parents, like mine, are a bit stubborn, and while they let me wear makeup, they're a teensy bit particular about what I can wear. For example, my mother doesn't appreciate pink lipstick. I love pink lipstick when I want to create a bold lip, but she does not. So pink lipstick is out of the picture on school days. Parties? The mall? It's fine. But school? Nope.

I own nude makeup. Foundation, a few nude eyeshadows, and of course clear gloss, etc. But some girls can only wear nude makeup school is any at all. Maybe it's concealer with a bit of foundation and maybe some lipgloss with a slight tint... Well I want to be able to help that latter as well. So if you have to wear nude makeup, don't worry! The next time I can squeeze in blogging time, I shall most definitely educate you on nude makeup. 

Until then, bare with me as I attempt strange and awkward ways to blog during this hectic school year. Oh, and tell me how school is going for you! Any odd hair/makeup trends yet? Homecoming looks? Tell me all the details! (

Stay beautiful!

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