Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's the Deal with Extreme Blush?

Extreme Blush
Hello, my lovelies! After a hectic school day and auditions for the fall drama (nailed it!), and ridiculous problems with my algebra homework... 6 phone calls later and a slice of pizza for dinner... I'm finally sitting down to ask you guys a question.

What's the deal with extreme blush?

This trend has done a good job of lasting a long time. I saw it last year in an issue of Seventeen Magazine, it's been on runways this year and all types of editorials and tutorials and magazines... And now I saw it yet again when I received the October issue of Seventeen Magazine this afternoon.

The concept is applying a ridiculous amount of blush to your cheekbones, creating an absurd effect on your face. Last time I check blush was to add a "healthy glow" to the face... But I can't say it looks bad, just... Weird.

More Extreme Blush
How many of you have jumped on the bandwagon for this bold trend? I don't apply much blush because my skin tone doesn't really call for it. Sometimes I'll apply this cute little peachy color I have in a palette and it looks very pretty with a multitude of looks.

My younger sister (who is several shades darker than me), has used hot pink blush on her cheekbones and it looks surprisingly good. It obviously wasn't for a healthy glow, but she was experimenting with color and it turned out fairly decent. 

So what do you think about Extreme Blush? It's pretty intense, don't you think? I think I might try it tomorrow... Just to see how it turns out. Keep emailing me (aislesofbeauty@gmail.com) with your thoughts!

Stay beautiful!

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  1. I don't like it. It makes the cheeks look out of porportion to the nose.