Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thirteen Questions with Autumn Angelettie

Guess who's birthday it is!

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,

I just turned thirteen!

This morning I set my alarm for 6:45 AM, got dolled up, and counted down. At exactly 7:22 AM on June 10, I turned a year older! Happy Birthday to ME!

To celebrate, please enjoy 13 questions with Autumn Angelettie, a special interview with me!

1. Do you speak any languages besides English?

Hablo un poco Español, porque tengo la clase de Español en mi escuela. Necesito saber Español porque cuando voy a Puerto Rico con mi familia, necesitamos una persona que hablar Español. Mi familia no saben hablar Español.

2. Who's your favorite fashion designer?

For purses and luggage, I love Louis Vuitton. In the jewelry department, Tiffany is amazing. For clothes, though, I can't choose just one designer!

3. We've heard you love zebra print. How much do you own?

Let's see... A large blanket, and small blanket, a pillowcase, a backpack, a beanbag chair, a pillow, two purses, a messenger bag, a pair of ballet flats, a jewelry box, an American Girl Doll dress, a scarf, two headbands, and my iPhone case. I think that's it... 

4. What are you watching Sunday nights at 8?

I used to watch Once Upon a Time on ABC, but the season ended, so I've come crawling back to Jerseylicious on the Style Network.

5. What's your most unique quality?

I'm not sure how unique it is, but I've never met anyone with it. I don't get embarrassed. I can be as loud and crazy as I want, and you can call me all types of names, but I don't get embarrassed. I used to, but somehow I've fallen off my rocker hard enough that I just don't feel it. Is that normal?

6. What are you reading right now?

Seventeen Magazine... Just kidding! I'm actually in between books. I just finished Divergent by Veronica Roth. Can't wait to get the sequel!

7. Describe your last dream.

I was with one of my friends and some tall blonde girl I don't know. We were running down the hallway and my science teacher yells at us to slow down. We don't, and she makes us sit against the wall in the hallway. The two girls I'm with try to sneak out, but my science teacher catches them and then we all have to wash her car. I wake up.

8. What's your biggest pet peeve?

My pet peeves change. Right now it's when people assume I hate Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter. I am not a muggle, I got my letter for Hogwarts yesterday! Pfft, I wish.

9. Where is your dream vacation?

I hate camping, so that's out. I'd love to go to Italy; that would be a beautiful vacation!

10. What's your favorite food?

Arroz con pollo with plantains on the side. I'm so hispanic, haha!

11. Would you ever go on a bridal TV show?

Never! My wedding is an exclusive event; invitation only! I would hate to have my gathering of family and friends broadcast on television! Even if I do win a dream honeymoon! But don't get me wrong; I LOVE Say Yes to the Dress, and Four Weddings and Who's Wedding Is it Anyway? I'd much rather watch all those other people plan their weddings. :)

12. What are your plans in the future?

This summer: Film camp, the beach, Puerto Rico, and the pool.
Somewhat near future: Getting the leads in my school's productions yet again; making honor roll yet again; and maybe doing yearbook or newspaper next year? Perhaps Creative Writing... Or Playwrights!
Distant future: College; I'll be a part of the entertainment industry. Maybe I'll be the next Oprah!

13. What advice do you have for middle schoolers reading your blog today?

Don't use makeup to hide your flaws. Use makeup to embrace them. Radiate confidence with who you are. I'm never teased because people know it won't affect me (and I'm too nice to everyone; no one hates me). Even if I'm feeling a little insecure at times, I don't let it show, because if you convince yourself you love who you are, it will become true.


  1. Agree 100% with your ethos on makeup :)

    1. I'm so glad--My ultimate mission with this blog is to make sure every reader knows they're fantastic and talented and beautiful, with a lot of fun in between :D